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 TXM now available, please contact us.



The TXM system is build around radio frequency devices that can transmit sound and Time Code together wirelessly. Weight and volume have been optimized to fit any light and mobile shooting equipments.

This kind of gear are precious when sound team deals with multi cam shooting. Thanks to TXM system, cameras stay synchronous without the need to update manually their Time Code.

Used with an Iphone or Ipad, the TXM can turn them into a real electronic clapper. 








PWLIII in preorder, please contact us.



Ultra-compact 48V Phantom mic powering solution. Works with a single AA (LR6) battery, alkaline, lithium or rechargeable.

Designed to work on the boom.


  • PWLIII runs more than 10 hours with a single Nimh 1,2V 2850mA battery, Schoeps CMIT 5mA, at 20°C
  • can power all 48V phantom mics (5mA nominal, up to 10mA with a lithium battery)
  • compact, 115 x 36 x 26mm (4.5 x 1.4 x 1 inch)
  • light, less than 150g with a battery (0.26 lb)
  • quick reloading
  • EMC shielded body (aluminium) and connectors
  • dust and water resistant (IP64)
  • easy to use, no buttons, powers on and off automatically with the transmitter
  • perfect on a boom, with Cinéla® and Rycote® mic suspensions
  • PWLIII connectors are locking tight, it fit without noises
  • can adapt to any audio wireless transmitter, simply with the right cable
  • high-end electronic audio, PWL III use a Neutrik transformer
  • protected against all missuses and shorts.
  • affordable