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The PWL is a microphone Phantom powering solution. It requires only a single standard AA battery to operate for hours.

It can power all the Sennheiser, Neumann, Schoeps, DPA microphones and much more.

The PWL is compatible with all the audio wireless transmitters on the market: Sennheiser, Wisycom, Lectrosonics, Audio Limited and much more.



The Standard PWL has two connectors, XLR in and TA3 mini XLR out for a weight of 135g (4.8 Oz).

The Mini PWL has only one TA5 mini XLR connector, is shorter and weights 82g (2.9 Oz).



The PWL system has no settings.

Put a battery, connect it and turn on the transmitter. The PWL lights up.

Make your gain on the transmitter and let’s go.

If the battery is low, the control led turns from blue to red.

Download the User Manual


Only one price for the PWL, light or standard kit
with one cable TA3F to Lemo 00 3 pins.

        • 345€ (w.o. taxes).


        • SPECIAL OFFER FOR LEBEL AUDIO 10th Anniversary: -30% – 247€ (w.o. taxes) from July to November 2023, limited to one kit.






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